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Fantrun electronic technology is an independent distribution and application solution provider of electronic components. Acting for a full range of Japanese Renesas and active semi, KEC, HDSC, Taiwan Guanghong, Jilin Huawei spark, Wuxi anchui, Jingyi, Nanlin, Xi'an Minxin, Biyi, Shanghai Beiling, LRC, TK and other semiconductor products.

The company's business covers all over China and is applied to all kinds of electronic products, such as mobile phones, communication equipment, computer peripherals, power supply equipment, instruments, household appliances, audio-visual products, industrial control equipment, medical equipment, program-controlled equipment, digital products and other types of electronic products, providing comprehensive electronic semiconductor components and products for major electronic enterprises Case. The company is committed to the research and development of MCU products, to provide customers with personalized needs and services with the best and innovative technology, and to provide customers with a full set of HW and SW terminal solutions